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We have built our reputation over the last 50 years by solving difficult elastomer applications for our customers in a
cost-effective manner.
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Compression Molding

Transfer Molding

Liquid Silicone (LSR)

Injection Molding

An uncured rubber preform is placed in the cavity prior to mold closure. During closure, the rubber is sqeezed between the top plate and the cavity plate with the excess flowing into the flash groove.
In transfer molds, a plunger compresses a rubber preform in a pot. When the press closes on the mold, rubber flows through the sprue and into the mold cavity.
Uncured liquid silicone is pumped into the cavity through a series of sprues. Because the weight of the silicone can be controlled in small amounts, LSR is ideal for small, high tolerance parts.
A strip of uncured compound is commonly fed into the injection machine, eliminating the preform associated with compression and transfer molding.