Design Processes
We Specialize In Bonding
Liquid Silicone Molding (LSR)
Santa Fe Rubber is here for you when considering the total design package. We will assist you in evaluating the options of economics, complexity, materials, and quantities to design a cost effective solution that fits with your application.
Rubber to metal and rubber to plastic molding is commonplace at Santa Fe Rubber, and our many years of experience in developing and perfecting the special techniques used in the bonding process is a recognized strength of Santa Fe Rubber today.
This molding capability enables us to produce complex, intricate, thin-walled new part designs.
Santa Fe Rubber Products is a full service rubber molding manufacturer that can meet all customer needs using compression, transfer, and injection processes.
  1. William Krames
    President and CEO. Before assuming the presidency of Santa Fe Rubber in 1987, Mr. Krames was Vice President of FURON's $60 million Rubber Group. With over fifty years of extensive experience in the rubber industry, Mr. Krames holds a MBA from Pepperdine University.
  2. Michael Peterman
    Vice President, General Manager. Mr. Peterman joined the company in 1999 as its manager of business development and has served as General Manager since 2010. He has extensive executive management experience . Mr. Peterman holds a MBA from the University of California, Irvine.
  1. Richard Chang
    Business Development Manager. Richard offers over 15 years of accomplished experience in a diverse sales and marketing industry. He excels at finding cost effective solutions for our customers. Richard holds a BS degree from the University of California, Irvine.
  2. Kim Carter
    Vice President, Administration. Kim joined Santa Fe Rubber in 1986 and has performed all duties in the administrative department. She is responsible for Finance, Human Resources, and Customer Service. Kim is a key member of the management team.

Meeting all of your rubber molding needs.